Spiritual will

Spiritual will energy was historically assumed to be beyond the focus of most individuals pursuing spiritual development. It is the third component of what is known as the Spiritual Triad and is accessible once the individual has become energetically integrated and committed to handling energy ethically. More recent teachings, though, emphasize that development is not linear and that one may be working simultaneously to absorb and refine earlier tasks while reaching out into new areas of growth.

Alice A. Bailey, the founder of the Arcane School, commented in 1941 that “esoteric schools exist for one main reason and that is to evoke the spiritual will in their students, disciples, and initiates and to instruct them in its use.” Effective and responsible use of spiritual will energy is essential for addressing social issues and ensuring that all are treated with dignity and respect.

The following are articles by Dorothy I. Riddle that address various aspects of working with spiritual will energy: