Ageless Wisdom

The Ageless Wisdom refers to the ancient teachings that underlie all spiritual and religious traditions. These teachings assume that the cosmos is a vast intelligent energetic entity (the One Life) and focus on the energetic structure of the universe, the evolution of consciousness, the spiritual reality of our lives as humans, and the continuity of consciousness within which we develop. Its emphasis on all life as energy has been confirmed by the current work in cosmology and quantum physics.

There are a number of authors who have provided summaries of, or commentaries on, the Ageless Wisdom. Some of the best known are Helena Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine), Annie Besant (The Ancient Wisdom), and Alice Bailey (A Treatise on White Magic and other “Blue Books”).

In the context of continuity of consciousness across incarnations on this Earth, death is simply a transition from one state of consciousness to another; however, we seldom talk about how we prepare during the five to thirty years prior to transition so that the Soul gains the most from this incarnation. Most work on Final Directives focuses on the physical shutdown of the body. Perhaps even more important is the process of Soul release from the physical body. See Requests for My Transition to begin thinking about these issues, as well as the following article: