Workshops and Courses
A skilled trainer and facilitator, Dr. Riddle is adept at customizing learning experiences to fit the needs of groups with whom she is working. The following topics can be delivered in half-day, full day, 3-day, and 5-day formats:

  • Becoming Cosmic Citizens
  • Collaboration: The New Competitive Edge
  • The Energy of Money: Applying Energy Principles to Creating & Growing Your Business
  • Learning to “Do No Harm”
  • Profiting by “Giving Back”
  • Taking Your Business to a New Level Using Energy Principles
  • Understanding Our Energetic Selves

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Upcoming Workshops for 2017

Please check back for updated information.

Past Workshops of Particular Interest

  • Remembering Who We Are (Seven Rays Conference, April 2016)
  • Becoming World Servers  (Seven Rays Conference, April 2015)
  • Living as Souls – The Shift to Joy (Seven Rays Conference, April 2014)
  • Healing the Cleavage of “Us” and “Them” (Seven Ray Conference, April 2013)
  • Expanding Our Awareness of What’s Possible (Seven Ray Conference, April 2012)
  • Learning to “Do No Harm” (Shanti Gifts, April 2012)
  • The Energy of Money (Shanti Gifts, February 2012)
  • Learning the Practice of Harmlessness (Religion & Spirituality Conference, February 2012)
  • Ageless Wisdom and You (Shanti Gifts, January 2012)
  • Using Energy to Make Decisions (Shanti Gifts, October 2011)
  • Using Energy for Protection & Healing (Shanti Gifts, September 2011)
  • Understanding Our Energetic Selves: Who Are We? (Shanti Gifts, September 2011)
  • Working Effectively with Tension (ISSSEEM, June 2011)
  • Learning the Practice of Harmlessness (Seven Rays Conference, May 2011)
  • Manifesting a New Civilization: Transforming Old Thoughtforms to Support Lasting Change (Seven Rays Conference, April 2010)
  • Preparing for Our Final Transition (Seven Rays Conference, April 2009)
  • Growth in Will: Learning to Work with and Respond to Shamballa Will Energy (Seven Rays Conference, April 2008)