Service and its importance are common threads running through all spiritual traditions. That service may be in our community, for humanity as a whole, or including the eco-system in which humanity lives. We engage in service both to learn and grow and to contribute to the evolutionary process of all beings. It is not synonymous with volunteer work. Rather it is an outpouring of who we are as part of the One Life. It involves greeting each other with respect and compassion. For those interested in an esoteric perspective, see The Nature of Service.

As part of her own spiritual practice, Dr. Riddle has been associated with the School for Esoteric Studies for over 40 years and is the Chairperson of its Board of Directors. She sees the disciplined application of spiritual principles in everyday life as not only her service work but also the “inner” side of her professional work on services and economic development.

In her service work, which includes her professional consulting work as well as talks and workshops, her guiding principles include the following:

  • Respect each person’s life experience.
  • Empower others to be self-sufficient (i.e., continually “work herself out of a job”).
  • Help others be true to their own Soul purpose.