Seven Basic Principles

Seven basic principles govern our existence in this universe, as verified by quantum physics and the life sciences. For the research regarding these principles, see the Notes in Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen. Many of our personal and social difficulties stem from not understanding and applying these principles, but instead getting caught up in myths about the importance of competition (rather than cooperation) and independence (rather than interdependence).

Principles That Underlie Our Reality

Interconnectivity We are all interconnected energy waves.
Participation We create our own reality.
Nonlinearity Our experience is fundamentally nonlinear.
Nonduality Our reality is complex and non-dualistic.

Principles That Govern How We Coexist

Interdependence We are part of an interdependent community of life.
Adaptability We survive because of our ability to adapt and collaborate.
Cooperation We evolve through symbiosis and cooperation.