Principles of Abundance Reviews

Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen

Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen was a finalist for the 2011 Montaigne Medal, which was awarded to the most thought-provoking book published in 2010.

“…a top pick for any metaphysical spirituality reader.”

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 “With her upbeat tone and clear prose, Riddle offers a self-help book that could actually achieve its purpose; the text supports, energizes and informs those searching for a more joyous, harmonious and meaningful way of life.”

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“… a profound, yet sensitive exploration … [that] brings a deep understanding of fields as diverse as biology, cosmology, psychology, economics, physics, and metaphysics to the discussion of a planetary and cosmic citizenship marked by equity, respect, and abundance. …The author presents accessible explanations for the principles of quantum physics that, in her capable hands, turn into tools for transformation ….”

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“…brings the reader to a state of self actualization with brilliant observations coupled with persuasive arguments on the subject of existence… I recommend this book for its mental challenges, the unique reading experience, a self-awareness awakening, and to lead towards achieving contentedness in one’s own life.”

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“This impressively researched book examines the meaning of abundance within the context of our human experience and prods us to question the assumptions that seem to hold us captive. What is enough? Do we really control our reality and restrict what we assume is possible? So how do we remove limiting beliefs and move into a more affirmative place in our life? Dr. Riddle guides us on this journey by sharing awe-inspiring scientific findings, and providing practical exercises to help us reframe our world view in a more positive and constructive manner.”

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 “…this book, written as it is in a clear, well organized and entertaining style, is more than an assemblage of intersecting truths that can lead one to the brink of revelation: it has a spiritually transformative aspect as well…[and] is particularly valuable to those of us who feel that it is time to reverse a lifetime of conditioning and fear, begetting scarcity consciousness begetting scarcity…”

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