Positive Harmlessness Reviews

Positive Harmlessness in Practice

“A thoughtful, wise, and mind-opening exploration of ways to help make harmlessness experiential in a culture in which habits of harm are so pervasive that they are felt to be ‘normal’…Besides addressing harm with her characteristic passion and clarity, she also provides a unique Harmlessness Scale that gives readers the vocabulary and understanding necessary to recognize attitudes and characteristics that range from brutality to advocacy, making it possible to evaluate one’s own standing with regard to habits of harm and the hidden attitudes that may give rise to them.” [five stars]

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“I certainly recommend Positive Harmlessness in Practice for all. It is a challenging, thought provoking and inspirational book, one worthy of multiple readings and sharing among friends loved ones.”

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“…the thoughtform of harmlessness is underdeveloped and is widely regarded as equivalent to powerlessness. So the author undertakes the task of educating the reader as to the real meaning of harmlessness… and of presenting a program to enable us to build our ‘harmlessness muscle’…[to support] the changes that are needed globally in order to anchor harmlessness as a societal norm.”

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“Riddle … reveals how fully awash we are in a culture that values the individual over the group to the point where we have come to conceive of human development as a solitary experience rather than a lifetime of interactions with others. Written in unfailingly clear and concise prose, this challenge to basic assumptions about human nature points the way toward a kinder, gentler world.”

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