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Moving Beyond Duality by Dr. Dorothy RiddleMoving Beyond Duality is a must-read for those who seek to effect change in business, politics, and through NGOs. Those with open hearts and minds will be well served by this deep and nuanced discussion of why humans behave as they do, along with guidance and practices for waking up to do better..”

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“A manifesto and manual for readers looking to expand their capacities for kindness and mindfulness while also minimizing harm in the world at large….Whether readers agree or disagree with her arguments, there’s no dispute over the book’s strengths as a work of scholarship. It’s fully grounded in both theory and observation, drawing on a wide range of published research, and its fully developed, coherent arguments are likely to find even skeptics in agreement with some elements. Overall, readers will acknowledge that this is a timely contribution to the national discussion of privilege, prejudice, and making the world a better place.

A thoroughly researched argument for a nonbinary approach to understanding the world that’s likely to find both fervent adherents and strong critics.”

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Moving Beyond Duality is a thorough, well-researched and approachable project that sagely weaves examples from a variety of fields, from social sciences and life sciences to quantum physics, neuroscience and the Ageless Wisdom teachings. In addition, as with the previous two volumes, this one includes practical and tested exercises designed to help readers apply concepts in their everyday lives.…This, her most recent book—and hopefully not the last—comes at the right time, a moment of unprecedented global crisis that is questioning the meaning of exclusionary boundaries. This is clear in the increasing awareness and confrontational public debate regarding the refugee crisis, the push to stop domestic violence against women, and accelerating legal actions regarding the personhood of animals. This book resonates with the equally loud cry for freedom and an end to poverty and all manifestations of the horrifying illusion of “us” against “them” that has historically engendered violence.”

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